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Bexleyheath Osteopaths Pickford Lane Osteopath Clinic, Please click on a guestbook box below to read all of our reviews or indeed leave a review yourself.


Here are our latest patient guestbook reviews

Kay : Bank holiday Monday and the following Saturday

What can I say after just two visits and hardly being able to walk my back is now fine thanks to Daniel. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend this service excellent first class Thank you so much


Pam : 5th & 12th May

Being treated for neck and shoulder problems. After only two sessions there are great signs of improvement. David made me feel relaxed with his chatting and explaining exactly what he was doing or going to do. Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing treatment. Thank you David


Janette : 2 April 2016

Seen David for ages and just seen Daniel. Both highly recommended


Chris : 03-03-2016

First visit today. Felt instantly relaxed review of my situation before commencing treatment. treatment was stress free and unhurried. Booking again for next week adn would have no problem recommending the clinic to anyone. thank you.


Steve  : 16/2/2016

It was my first visit to see David and he made me feel relaxed adn welcome, he took the time to get all thedetails of my problem and clearly knew what the problem was, he explained the treatment and proceeded to treat me, afterwards he gave me some simple exercises that  I could do at home that would help, I'd say it was money well spent, if you're looking for an osteopath look no further.


3rd February 16

It's so refreshing to be treated by someone like David who knows what they are doing and explains theatment. Would recommend him to anyone who wants relief from their pain.


James : December 15

First time visiting an osteopath was very dubious at first but it was a great experience and already my back feels much better would 100% recommend this to anyone


Maxime : November 15

I highly recommend David! Very skillful practitioner that with look for the roots of your problem, and listen to your concerns! I highly recommend him.


Margaret : 7th November 15

I had an appointment with Liz recently and she was excellent. She took time, didn't rush, explained all procedures and gave me some useful exercises going forward. Would certainly  recommend her. And I felt a lot better after the first session.


Stephen : July 15

I have being coming to see David for many years, initially I had some problems with my neck and back and was given a referral from a friend. I can honestly say that his treatment of my nect and back have worked wonders for my posture and overall health. I have since referred my family and friends to this practice and will continue to do so.


Nigel Dansey : 2009

David is an excellent ostiopath, he is also excellent with sports injures as well.


 Louise Boyer : 3+ yesrs

I haven't had treatment from Chris for some time as I live way out of the area, but I always recall his treatment to be thoughtful, gentle and in every way professional. His knowledge is extensive and he always thinks in terms of what is best for his patients. An excellent osteopath with a down to earth manner.


A week a go 

 It was a great pleasure to find a place like this. I will highly recommend this place.


Wendy S : June 15

David is the best osteopath I have used. I have had numerous back related problems and he never fails to help reduce the pain and help get more movement back. Highly recommended.


Lee : February/March

Very professional, would 100% recommend!


Derek : April 15

Just had a final session with David. If you're in need of an Osteopath then he's your man. A very professional and personable chap.


Kcia : May 15

Very happy with my first visit. David is experienced professional and would recommend him to anyone who is looking forgreat service and help.


April 15

Professional friendly with firm massage at end of treatment.


Dave H : April 15

I first went to Dave "Pickfor lane Osteopath" nearly four years ago, before I had a history of upper and lower back pain verying from mild to a constant discomfort. After visits to Doctors, private health care and varied techniques and treatments my back was still the same if not worse from the stress and all with limited to no results. Pickford land Osteopath was local to me and also what seemed like my last option. Afther walking into Dave's treatment room he looked at me and instantly diagnosed my problem. After the second treatment with Dave without sounding cheesy it was like someone had pressed a re-set button on my body, I've since had a trouble free back to the point where it no longer has any negative input on my life. I always do my exercises and visit Dave every few months more as a treat now for pre-maintance work on my back ensuring I keep on top of it, a good deep tissue massage to relax at teh end of the treatment, as well as the excellent company and conversation. He's friendly, funny, dam good at his job and worth every penny.


Nanette : March 15

This was my first visit to David as well as to an Osteopath. I wasn't sure what to expect after my visit but from reading the reviews I knew that David was going to be professional as well as friendly. He made the whole visit very pleasant including the numerous cracking noises that he managed to make from my neck and back, all for the better I must add. I didn't want to write my review straight away as I wanted to provide on his  website the whole experience including how I have felt after. I have to admit I was sore for a few days  (which he advised I would be) but I haven't experienced anysharp pain in my shoulders since and its been several weeks now, I will definitely be paying David another visit. 


Paola : April 15

Friendly and personable manner and David was particularly helpful with simple explanstions and suggestions, highly reccommended! Thank you David!


Maxime :March/April 2015

For David, Ihave to saythat I have seen a couple of Osteopath/Physio for a hip inflamation + Femoroacelabular Impringement. I went to see David for a post surgery (6 months after). He took time to examine my hip, did a couple of test. His sport injury skills are extensive and helped me recovery from a hip surgery. His treatment is currently helping me to go the extra mile. He proposes holistic approach from range of movement, to deep tissus massage and back treatment. Also he is someone very keen to help the patient to go through the discomfort and really help on the healing path. Well done! I can only recommend.


Scott : March & April 15

Fantastic. Would highly recommend. My back feels great.


Ray : March 15

David has been extremely helpful in providing relief for my symptoms, offering advice, sympathy and even a touch of humour in what has been a very difficult time for me. His professionalism is second to none and I wouldnt hesitate in recommending him as an Osteopath. He fitted me in at short notice, taking time to identify the best way forward, nothing was rushed and I instantly felt at ease.


Nicole : March 15

Went for my first appointment today, was very intense but already feeling the benefit thank goodness! Felt very at ease, and have confidence and will be going back again for sure.. Highly recommend!


Lou Jordan : February 15

I have been using the same osteopath for the last fifteen years but decided to have a change when I needed an urgent appointment but my usual osteopath could not fit me in. I'm so gald I did having found David who is very conscientious and really seems to care about your aches and pains so I will not be going anywhere else.


Sarah : Jan 15

First tiem ever going to a osteopath, was really good really helpful, would recommend anytime.


Robert B : Jan 15

Its alwayss Good to see someone that's not only Great at what they do but knows how to put you right my osteopath is that person. David is always frindly and charming. You just want to get a back problem just togo there, a very warm and inviting set up and there is zero rush. David provides a service fo value and time, I can notrecommend this professional service and higher than this tht you David for everything Kind Regards, Robert b.


Christine : Jan 15

Excellent service. Very friendly. Will definitely return.


Ashleigh Greenaway : December 14

3 treatments with David and my back was back to normal. Really helpful advice too about general wellbeing.


Jennie : November 14

Was treated by David many years ago and this year have been treated by Jo, too. I would thoroughly recommend either of them, and will continue to use PLOC for many more years to come.


Diane : September 

After twishing my body in a fall David's doing a brilliant job of making me better money worth spent and hopefully be perfect soon. Big thanks to him and would recommend clinic to anyone.


Staci : November 14

I started going to see David afte a car accident I was in the early weeks of pregnancy and didn't waant to suffer with the after affects of the car crash throughout my pregnancy, and I'm so glad I did as after the first session I noticed a massive difference, David is very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable, I continue to have treatment throughout my pregnancy and it's keeping the back pain at bay, could not recommend this surgery enough, there Fab.


Pat Potter : October 14

I put my back out and was in extreme pain, but after just 3 sessions with David am able to resume my keep fit classes 3 times a week. Big thank you.


Sam B : September 14

 After suffering with chronic back pain for 7 years following Scoliosis surgery. I finally got recommended to David. David is always so happy and friendly (even at 9 pm!) and only after a few sessions with him, my back hs got so much better. I thought I was a lost cause; I've tried Physiotherapy, facet joint injections, had endless MRI scans and X-rays; but I've foud that out of all the treatment I've had over the years, Osteopathy has been by far the most helpful. I would highly recommend David to anyone who suffers from pain like I have, he really knows his stuff and has given me hope of recovery!!


 Kate Toogood : October 2014

I am really happy with the success of my appointments with David over the past few weeks. I havebeen in agony with very tight calves making my running impossible but, after some deep massages from David. I have been able to run pain free. I have always found my appointments with David to be extremely beneficial.


Geoff.R : July/August 2014

I went to the clinic suffering with neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. I was treated by David and Joanna. The neck and shoulder pain has gone and the lower back is better now than it has been for years. I would have no hesitation in recommending David and Joanna to any one needing the services of a osteopath.


George : Sept 2014

After having tried various other osteopaths, I tried David" service in 2010, and after only 2 sessions, I could see a huge improvement which also lasted longer than I expected. PLOC will

now always be my first choice for any back issues. Great service.


Alison : August 2014

Felt comfortable and relaxed through all my treatment. Saw both David and Joanna, who where ver friendly and helpful. I felt better from my first treatment so I would thoroughly recommend!


Jane : 2014

Complete faith in David's ability to bring relief for my back problems. Continues to improve under his care. Thank you!



I am suffered from a lot of back and neck pain since having my children. After visiting the clinic for the past few months the difference is remarkable.


John H : July  2014

I saw David with a really painful low back, two treatments and im back to work again. David gave me some really helpful postural tips and explained everything he was doing. Highly recommended.


Louise Brown : On going

I am 8 month pregnant, I started coming to see Dave before i was pregnant and he helped me understand the changes to my body when i became pregnant . I then started having regular visits during my pregnancy to help with maintaining my strong posture and spinal alignment. He has been absolutely paramount to my painless pregnancy, adjusting approach the further through my pregnancy i have come. He always makes me feel comfortable and i trust he unquestionably with me and my baby. I recmmend anyone pay the team a visit, whether pregnant or just have a twinge that you need fixing. My dad, father in law, husband are all patients and have never been disappointed with the service.


Caroline Craig : 23 July 2014

I had one treatment for trigger finger as my finger was very painful and difficult to move. Treatment really helped me free up finger. Would defiantly recommend David. He is very helpful and knows what he is doing.


Andrew : 24/07/14

Very happy with the treatment I have from David. He is always friendly and positive and is able to rectify any back problems i may have. I have successfuly recommended him to others too.


Dean Wood : Off and on for the last 15 years

My family and I have been seeing David for about 15years now for various osteopath issues and problems and have always received excellent advice and consultations leading to 100% effective relief in all cases. David is professional and friendly and  I would highly recommend his consultations and services to anyone seeking and osteopathic medical therapy solutions. Dean Wood.


Andy an Julie : Every Month

Julie has an appointment every month to releive her back pain and it really makes a difference! Dave is a very friendly and proffesional Osteopath. When Julie's mum came over from Australia and had back trouble, we reccomended her to Dave and she said after he had done a really good job on her back as the pain was completely gone. Big thumbs up for Dave!



Sean: June 2014

Quite possibly the best £40 i have spent. Strained my back moving my mother in her wheelchair over a door threshhold. Couple of sessions and my back feels completely fixed, thanks.


Alana Macdonald: 17/05/2014

I am 8 months pregnant and in a lot of pain, had this before so it's just got worse. David was brilliant and i am very happy with his treatment, will be returning to help manage my back before & after the baby. Thank you!


Mark Tamsett: Tues 3 June 2014

Very impressed with my first visit. David is a top guy, really friendly and knowledgeable. Made a real impact on my back problem and will definately be returning. Totally recommend!


Karen Young: May 2014

Excellent treatment, really helped my back problem. David makes you feel very relaxed with his calm manner. Would advise anyone who feel they need an Osteopath to visit David's clinic.